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69469 Weinheim

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The Tanner's Quater

Apart from the romantic old town, the Tanner Quarter, the palace and the palace park are wonderful places to visit. This tour gives you an overview of Weinheim‘s attractions. ...more


Guided Tour of Weinheim’s Old Town

Torchlight tour in the old town

Torchlight Tour

On the Torchlight Tour, you can light up imposing buildings in the Tanner Quarter, all around the marketplace, the city center and the palace with flare torches. Enjoy this romantic atmosphere. . ...more

View of the castle

"The Castle and Surroundings" Tour

On the Castle Palace Tour, you can learn about life in Weinheim Castle Palace, Lady Jane and her amorous tales, the various architectural styles and the Castle Palace Park with its variety of trees. ...more

View of the Windeck castle ruins

Ruins of Castle Windeck Tour

Windeck, the castle on the hill, lies 220 m above sea level on the Weinheim castle hill (Schlossberg). You can either visit in combination with another walking tour leaving from the marketplace or you can take a tour through the romantic ruins directly. ...more

Gravestone in the old cemetery

Weinheim's Old Cemetery and its History

The Old Cemetery above St. Peter's Church is Weinheim's oldest surviving tomb. ...more

Almond blossom on the mountain road

Individual Tours

For example, you can arrange Odenwald, mountain road or Neckar valley round trips individually. ...more