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Marktplatz 1 (Altes Rathaus)
69469 Weinheim

tel.: +49 6201 / 82 - 610
fax: +49 6201 / 82 - 619

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10 am - 3 pm
10 am - 3 pm
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Weinheim has more to offer for groups than the usual cookie-cutter programs – such as the city tour with the night watchman to mysterious locations in the Old Town, a culinary wine tasting or special arrangements.


for Groups

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Bus Information

Coaches are very welcome in our city. Coming from the south, you will find parking lots for coaches in front of the Castle Palace Park in the "Rote Turmstrasse" (D1). The meeting point for city tours can be reached directly via the Upper Gate on the market square or the city guide can pick you up at the parking lot. ...more

Guided Tours

There are many exciting sides to Weinheim. There’s something to suit every taste – such as the classic "Old Town Tour" or the "All About the Palace Tour“, which is more suitable for guests who are no longer so good on their feet. ...more


If you’re travelling with your own coach, you can organize excursions to the Forest of Odes, the Mountain Trail and the Neckar Valley yourself. We’ll gladly arrange a suitable tour guide for you who can take you to the attractions outside the gates of Weinheim. ...more

Wine and Beer Tasting

Wine connoisseurs will also get their money’s worth in Weinheim. You can drink whatever you like at Schröder’s award-winning winery or at Raffl. The Woinemer House Brewery’s beer is also well-known beyond the city limits. Bottoms up! ...more

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Cycling, hiking, theater, movies, geocaching, swimming or another of the wide range of sports and leisure activities – there’s something for everyone. Our events are as diverse as the cultures that live in Weinheim. ...more

Castle Experiences

Weinheim, the city of two castles!
You can visit the ruins of Windeck Castle and Wachenburg Castle during your stay in Weinheim. ...more