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Castles, palaces and historic city centers between the art nouveau metropolis of Darmstadt and the world-famous Heidelberg bring history to life. ...more 
(Sorry, at the moment only in German language available)

The Holiday Route


UNESCO Global Geopark Bergstrasse-Odenwald

Discover geology, nature, people and culture – a charming landscape extending over an area of 3,500 square kilometers between the UNESCO world heritage site of the Messel Pit (Grube Messel), the Rhine Valley in the west, across the Forest of Odes in the east and the Neckar Valley in the south. ...more

Baden Wine Trail

The "spring garden" of Germany – “this is where Germany starts to become Italy” – apparently uttered by the Habsburg Kaiser Josef II as he rode in his coach from Frankfurt along the Holiday Route Bergstrasse in the direction of Vienna. ...more (Sorry, at the moment only in German language available)

The Electoral Palatinate

The "German Wine Trail" with the Palatinate Forest, the "flourishing Holiday Route Bergstraße" on the slopes of the Odenwald Forest, the legendary Nibelung-Siegfried Trail or a trip on the Neckar from romantic Heidelberg to the much-praised Neckar Valley – the opulence of the Electoral Palatinate is manifold. ...more (Sorry, at the moment only in German language available)

Odenwald Forest

Discover the historic towns and the stunning nature of the Odenwald Forest with its world heritage sites – the cultural monuments Obergermanisch-Rätischer Limes and the natural monument Messel Pit (Grube Messel).  ...more (Sorry, at the moment only in German language available)

Industrial Heritage

Technical or historical interesting factory sites, traffic routes and traffic facilities such as ports, locks, stations and bridges are some of the attractions of the industrial culture of the Rhine-Neckar district. The objects might be preserved in their authentic original state, but often only parts or traces remain. ...more (Sorry, at the moment only in German language available)