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View of the Windeck and Wachenburg

Two castles distinguish the town – the castle ruins of Windeck and the Wachenburg Castle. The Windeck is the second oldest castle on the Holiday Route Bergstrasse and is situated at an altitude of 222 meters. The Wachenburg Castle is located at 400 meters and is always worth a visit.


The Town of Two Castles

Tower of the Windeck castle ruin

Castle Ruins of Windeck

The castle ruins of Windeck reigning on the Schlossberg, was built after 1100 as the stronghold of Lorsch Abbey and destroyed at the end of the 17th century. Since 1978, the castle ruins have been owned by the town of Weinheim.  ...more

Wachenburg Castle

Wachenburg Castle

The youngest castle on the Holiday Route Bergstraße, lying almost at the summit of the Wachenberg, it was built between 1907 and 1928 as a meeting and discussion center of the Weinheim “Senioren Convent”.  ...more

Weinheim Castle Palace

The former castle palace, today the town hall and headquarters of the city’s administration, is comprised of components from various different eras. Since 1938, the entire complex has been owned by the town of Weinheim.  ...more