Park & Ride at Weinheim Train Station

The following parking spaces are located near the train station:

Parking spaces   Location
25   in the street Am Hauptbahnhof/Werderstraße
(7,- €/day with ticket from the parking ticket machine)
78   on the chapel road
(only with parking permit, currently 16 €/month or 130 €/year)
ca. 100   south of the station below/south of the bridge Mannheimer Straße
(freely available; well occupied early in the morning - own liability!)

The areas along Kapellenstraße are owned by DB AG. The city was already able to create and manage P+R parking spaces here in 1996 by means of a licence agreement. The parking permits are sold on behalf of the city by DB Vertrieb in the DB Travel Centre at Weinheim station, but they are all currently issued. Because the currently unused areas south of the station are closer to the platforms, commuters with parking authorisations for the P+R plant Kapellenstraße unfortunately also park their vehicles there, so that many parking spaces are not used in the area of Kapellenstraße. Nevertheless, it is not possible to sell more parking permits for the P+R Kapellenstraße facility than there are parking spaces available.
The city is also planning to conclude a licence agreement for the areas south of the railway station below/south of the Mannheimer Straße bridge in order to manage the areas on this basis and to arrange the parking situation overall. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to predict when parking permits will be issued for this area.
Stand: August 2017

Bike & Ride

Please also note the Bike+Ride facilities: At the central bus station (ZOB) there are currently approx. 90 parking spaces available, 40 of which are covered, as well as 14 lockable bicycle boxes (currently rented). A further 36 covered parking spaces have been created at the staircase enclosure of the northern underpass to the tracks. In 2017, a further 50 covered bicycle parking spaces and a bicycle parking area at the new west entrance of the station (Viernheimer Straße) are to be built.
15 bicycle boxes can be installed, which can be rented for 10 €/month
(Reservations: Mrs. Krage, phone: 06201 / 82 - 429).
Stand: August 2017


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