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Weinheim and the surrounding regions have a large network of cycle and mountain bike paths at their disposal.


Around Weinheim

Bicycle rental system “VRNnextbike”

The bicycle rental system “VRNnextbike” is a practical and inexpensive supplement to bus and train or car sharing. VRNnextbike stations are always located close to public transport stops, so that you can combine the offers optimally. And best of all: VRNnextbike can be used across cities in the VRN area. ...more

Cycle Paths on “Holiday Route Bergstrasse”

You can discover the Holiday Route Bergstrasse by bike over more than 85 kilometers of two cycle paths. The classic cycle path takes you through the towns. The second route "close to nature" takes you along romantic paths against the grandiose backdrop of the Mountain Trail slopes. ...more
(Sorry, at the moment only in German language available)

Mountain Bike Trails in the Geo-Nature Park Bergstrasse-Odenwald Forest

These tours are for experienced cyclists with high expectations of the variety and beauty of the foremost Forest of Odes landscape. ...more
(Sorry, at the moment only in German language available)

Mountain Bike-Tour Odenwald Forest

A tour for experienced mountain bikers
– circular track; level of difficulty: hard

Cycle Route Weschnitz Valley-Überwald

The new cycle route Weschnitz Valley-Überwald fits in with the circular route concept of the Geo-Nature Park. ...more

World Heritage Cycle Tour

The entire route is clearly signposted from Lorsch to Maulbronn Monastery. Follow the signposts. ...more
(Sorry, at the moment only in German language available)