The Weinheim “call taxi” service

The Weinheim “call taxi” service supplements the bus service in Weinheim and the direct surrounding areas in the evenings and the weekends, as well as on routes with few passengers throughout the day. The city currently operates six call taxi routes in cooperation with two local taxi companies:

6900   Weinheim Bahnhof - Lützelsachsen - Hohensachsen - Ritschweier u. zurück
6901   Weinheim Dürreplatz - Bahnhof - Großsachsen - Rippenweier - Oberflockenbach u. zurück
6902   Weinheim Dürreplatz - Bahnhof - Waid/Ofling - Bahnhof - Dürreplatz
6903   Weinheim Bahnhof - Weiler Nächstenbach u. zurück
6904   Weinheim Dürreplatz - Bahnhof - Sulzbach - Hemsbach - Laudenbach
6905   Weinheim-Hohensachsen - Großsachsen and back

How to use the service

The call taxi serves defined bus stops and, like bus routes, operates according to a fixed timetable. However, it only runs upon placement of an order by phone up to 30 minutes at the latest before the scheduled departure time.
- for routes 6900, 6901, 6903, 6904 and 6905 call 06201 / 9898308 (Taxi Weihrauch)
- for route 6902 call: 06201 / 66500 (Taxi Anders)

The number of places in the call taxi is limited. The taxi driver responsible decides whether or not to take more than four passengers on one trip at his/her own discretion. We thus ask you to book your ride at the earliest possible stage.
If you order a ride you are obliged to take it. If you are not able, please make sure you cancel as early as possible.
Special tariffs apply in the Weinheim call taxi: BeförderungsentgelteFares and Conditions (24 KB) (24 KB)

The Weinheim call taxi routes are integrated in the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Neckar (VRN). You can find out about the rides from the VRN’s directory assistance media:

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