Tanners’ Quarter

Old timber frame houses in the tanners quater

From the 16th to the 19th century, one tanner house stood next to another at the Gerberbach Stream. Within the city walls, the tanners found everything they needed to practice their craft. Guild meetings apparently also took place in the Büdingers’ house. Only the red tanners, who tanned the hides of cows, calves and oxen, were allowed into the guild. This guild was not accessible to the white tanners, who handled stags, deer, goats, lambs and sheep.
The houses in the Quergasse, the Gerbergasse and the Muenzgasse were workhouses with open arcades to the workshops. The tanners took the water they required from the Grundelbach Stream using buckets. Only from 1681 they were allowed to irrigate their pits with a direct supply line.
The Tanners’ Quarter with its winding alleys and old half-timbered houses is very picturesque. Numerous tanners’ houses and workshops can still be found in this quarter located at the stream.
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